About Us

RCG Trading & Language Services LLC is a small company founded by Romana C. Graham, a Czech native, who's been residing in the US for the past 19 years.

We strive to provide the best customer service and deliver professional results while being dedicated to our clients and the protection of their privacy. We are committed to high business ethics, and we follow HIPAA standards.

Ms. Graham is a certified CoreCHI™ Practitioner, Certified Translation Professional (CTP) by the Global Translation Institute in Czech <> English language pair, and a privately certified interpreter for the Czech and Slovak languages. She has successfully completed the Medical Interpreting Training School program, and several other professional courses. For more information  click here to view her credentials.        
Ms. Graham is also an active member of several professional associations (NAJIT, ACTFL, CHIA, NCIHC), and continues her education in the field of healthcare interpreting with various courses available through the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters and other professional organizations. She is dedicated to helping people in need of a translator/interpreter during their difficult times. 

Romana Caroline Graham
Founder - CEO

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“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.” 
Dalai Lama XIV

At our company, we are committed to excellence, and we hold the privacy of our clients in the highest regard.

Our areas of expertise include medical, legal and business translations and interpreting. All of these subjects require adherence to strong ethics and high professionalism along with great interpersonal skills. We strive to provide all of our clients with the best service and are committed to a continued education and maintaining high industry standards.

Consider us for your needs in following areas:

Medical, legal and business document translation

Employment document translation

Personal forms and document translation

Immigration documents translations

Transcribing Services (Czech, Slovak, English)

Medical, legal and business consecutive interpreting (presently remote only) 

Languages offered - Czech, Slovak, English.
Please contact us to find out more.